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About Mljet

Mljet is known for its untouched nature, the island's mysticism, olive groves, vineyards and rich forests that are ideal places to research the rich flora and fauna, and to peacefully enjoy the pristine beauty of the natural surroundings.
Mljet National Park makes up most of the island, and there are several villages, two salt water lakes - Veliko and Malo jezero, and a Benedictine monastery on the island of sv. Marija (St. Mary). In Polače there are some of the best natural anchorages in the Adriatic. The natural secrets of both lakes have attracted many scientists over the years, as well as innumerable nature lovers seeking unspoiled nature.
Beautiful, rich forest, surrounds the lakes and fills the park, featuring small wood roads and discrete pathways, ideal for hiking and bicycle rides. The woods gently descend all the way to the surface of the crystal clear lakes giving hikers, bikers and swimmers a refreshing shade, enhancing the tranquil feeling which Mljet radiates.
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